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The Caterina van Hemessen Academie was established to connect the Van Eyck to the educational institutions in its vicinity. The Caterina van Hemessen Academie makes substantive contributions to research and education; organizes summer courses, symposiums and master classes; encourages artistic research and connects the practice of the participants of the Jan van Eyck Academie with scientific and social research. 

The Caterina van Hemessen Academie is collaborating with several universities which have led to new curricula and master programmes. Together with the Maastricht University, Design Academy Eindhoven and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences the Caterina van Hemessen Academie is working on establishing a Graduate School of the Arts. Caterina van Hemessen Academie is also developing various workshops and projects for the different art schools of Zuyd University, giving students the opportunity to work with new techniques, view points, methods and modes of thinking.

The Caterina van Hemessen Academie organizes summer courses and master classes; these activities make it possible for others to take advantage of the Van Eyck's possibilities. In addition, the Hubert van Eyck Academie initiates and facilitates projects with educational institutions to investigate how art, science and research intertwine and form new ways of thinking and making.

The Caterina van Hemessen Academie has been participating in three EU-funded projects. Two of these projects, GALA and Performing Gender have already reached completion. The archaeological NEARCH project will reach the same status in 2018. More information on these projects can be found in the menu on the left.

Projects of the Caterina van Hemessen Academie:

30.10 – 06.11.2015 The Drive of Drawing
09.09 - 16.09.2016 The Drive of Walking

The Van Eyck organizes a series of masterclasses under the moniker ‘The Drive of…
The first master class was The Drive of Drawing, led by Robbie Cornelissen, 12 artists were selected. The public programme was composed of a lecture by Deanna Petherbridge, artist and author of The Primacy of Drawing; an evening called Drawing Experiences, with talks by Robbie Cornelissen, Florette Dijkstra, Arno Kramer, Marc Nagtzaam, Erik Odijk and Stijn Peeters; a public class with Marc Nagtzaam, Erik Odijk, Robbie Cornelissen and the participating artists, discussing their work. The week was concluded with an exhibition that was on show until 20 November at the Van Eyck.

The Masterclass The Drive of Walking took place from 9-16 September 2016 led by Master Yeb Wiersma and Guest-Master David Helbich. This master class investigated walking as a significant aspect of art practice and as a specific method of research, perception and experience. Applications were welcome from artists, curators, writers, designers, anthropologists, poets, architects, landscape architects and philosophers, for whom walking falls within the scope of their work or who wish to explore what walking may mean to their work. 
Funded by the Mondriaan Fund


What About a Garden  explores the significance of the garden in the life and work of artists, writers and philosophers.

Partners: Buitenplaats Kasteel Wijlre, Centre for Contemporary Writing, Maastricht University  (Philosophy Department) and several (former) Van Eyck participants.

The full programme can be found here


Series of poetry and story reading workshops with the participation of people with dementia, aiming at increasing their quality of life.  The results of this project will be presented on Friday 29 ad Saturday 21ste of May, the programme can be found here

Partners: Stichting SoAP, Maastricht University
Funded by: Fonds Cultuurparticipatie
Van Eyck participant: Stéphanie Lagarde


In 2016 Caterina van Hemessen Academie started a new project on obesity. The starting point of the project is a study by Maastricht University on discrimination against overweighted people. The Over-Weighted project consists of an artistic phase and a social phase. 

Over-Weighted was supported by BankGiro Loterij Fonds,  Maastricht University and Antidiscriminatie Voorziening Limburg


Theatrical performer and artist Nick Steur started in 2015 a long-term artistic research under the supervision of Caterina van Hemessen Academie and WorkSpaceBrussels. The Hubert van Eyck Academy advises, assists and facilitates Nick Steur within the visual arts discipline. For  two years Nick Steur will research the flexibility of his work between the performance and visual arts field which will result in two performances. The first performance of 'A piece of 2 - balancing human sized rocks' will premiere at the SPRING festival in Utrecht (19-28 May). Click here for more information.

With the support of Fonds Podiumkunsten


The Caterina van Hemessen Academie, together with Het Letterkundig Centrum Limburg, Huis voor de Kunsten Limburg and the Maastricht Centre for Contemporary Writing organized a two day writing workshop led by writer Marente de Moor. The winning story will be printed at the Charles Nypels Lab in June 2016.


From 22-24 juni 2016 the Caterina van Hemessen Academie organizeD together with Maastricht University the symposium Books & the City. This symposium aimed to investigate the relationships between books and urban city spaces. Drawing together a range of interdisciplinary perspectives, the symposium seeked to investigate the ways in which the different aspects of the city have been articulated by books: their production, distribution and collection. The symposium brought researchers, artists and people working in the field together. Parallel to the symposium a selection of artists' books was presented at the Van Eyck.

Information on the programme can be found here.

Supported by the Research Stimulation and Valorisation Fund-FASoS (RSF), Universiteitsfonds Limburg/SWOL, Gedrukt in Maastricht


16 international graphic designers worked from 23.08 – 30.08.2015 together on a publication and an exhibition at the Charles Nypels Lab, led by the Design Displacement Group. The exhibition was on show at the Van Eyck until 12 September 2015.

Supported by: Province of Limburg, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Ipega group, Spronk Grafische Afwerking  


Van Eyck Mirror and the Caterina van Hemessen Academie research Social Design and the projects on Social Design initiated and/or funded by BankGiro Loterij Fonds. The research started in September 2015 and will be finalised beginning of 2017.

Partners: Faculty of Art and Culture, Maastricht University, Lectoraat Autonomie en Openbaarheid in de Kunsten, Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Zuyd Hogeschool




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