Margaret van Eyck Academie

Post academic institute

The Margaret van Eyck Academie is a catalyst in the process of talent development. It activates talent in open relationships with the world.

The Margaret van Eyck Academie is a multidisciplinary institute that furthers experiment, research, study, production and exchange. Promising artists, designers, curators, architects, writers and other thinkers are given the time and space that is needed to develop their talents, to discover as yet unexplored perspectives and delve into deeper layers of themselves.

Its quality labs, national and international partnerships and plural institutional structure form the connecting conditions for its development of young and proven talent. It considers it important that doing and thinking are inextricably linked together in its daily practice.

Besides working in their own studio, participants are expected to take an active part in the Van Eyck programme, to participate in one or more In-Labs and engage in projects initiated by Van Eyck Mirror, the project bureau of the Van Eyck.

Participants are encouraged to further develop their individual and ‘adopted’ project proposals in a critical and reciprocal relationship with each other and the world – and so make a contribution to the development of art and its significance for society. 

All information on applying, our advisors, participants and alumni, can be found here.


Van Eyck Academie

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