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Services to external parties

Van Eyck Services offers external artists, designers and cultural organizations the chance to work at a charge at the Van Eyck institute, make full use of its many facilities and tap into its extensive expertise.


The Labs are the research workplaces for the use of participants, external artists and guests. They bear the names of significant historical contributors to the culture of the region at large. The word “lab” emphasizes the inquiring and experimental mindset. Thinking and action find their meeting place here.

The Charles Nypels Lab fully ties in with the design tradition the Jan van Eyck has established over the years. In the CNL artists, writers, designers, poets, scientists and essayists can print and have their work printed. The lab is fitted with high-quality equipment for letterpress printing and computer printing (such as riso and inkjet), for fashioning, processing and finishing printed matter. Users can experiment at will and produce work in edition. When one adds to all this the block printing process, there is every possibility to make a variety of publications that are hybrid in nature.

The Heimo Lab comprises the wood and metal workshops where objects, sculptures and installations can be realized – with full professional assistance from the stages of conceptualization to materialization. This includes designing, setting up exhibitions and fitting up rooms. Key concepts are experiment and investigation.  

The Werner Mantz Lab houses various new media labs. It accommodates a darkroom and photo studio and makes photo and movie cameras, computers and editing tables available. The Werner Mantz Lab has established a collaboration with VIDEPOWER, a platform to promote talented young film-makers in the south of the Netherlands.

The Pierre Kemp Lab is the largest library in the Euregion. It boasts over 30,000 titles about art, art history, cultural reflection and philosophy. If you are a library member, you can borrow books. Non-members are free to browse through and read books and magazines in situ.


The café-restaurant is the Van Eyck’s open meeting space and hotspot - a cup of coffee, an energizing breakfast, a tasty lunch are ideal lubricants for good conversation. The café is open from Monday to Friday 9:00 - 17:00. For special occasions third parties can make use of the café-restaurant.


The auditorium and other multifunctional spaces are ideal venues to host public activities, symposia, screenings, debates, (music) performances, and small-scale festivals. At full capacity they can accommodate 150 persons.


The Van Eyck Guesthouses, located at the heart of the city, are apartments that can be used for short-term and long-term lodging. They are fitted with a kitchenette, a bathroom and separate bedroom. At a stone’s throw you can find the various art academies, the university’s campuses and the cultural institutions.


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